Kate Bush Gets New Year Honour

Kate Bush

Honour: Kate Bush

Kate Bush has been given a CBE for her services to the music industry.

She’s been named in the Queen’s annual New Year Honours list, alongside a number of names from the arts, sciences and Olympics.

In a brief statement she said she was “deeply honoured” to receive the title Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

She becomes a CBE alongside artist Tracy Enim, choreographer Arlene Philips and ex Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie.

Bush  – who was nominated for the Visionary gong at the inaugural Progressive Music Awards earlier this year – released her ninth studio album, 50 Words For Snow, in 2011.

At the time the told The Quietus: “Years ago I think I must have heard this idea that there were 50 words for snow in this, ah, Eskimo Land. I just thought it was such a great idea to have so many words about one thing.

“It is a myth – although it may hold true in a different language – but it was just a play on the idea: that if they had that many words for snow, did we? Just in our immediate language we have words like hail, slush, sleet, settling… So this was a way to try and take it into a more imaginative world.

“I love words. I think they’re fascinating and incredibly wonderful things. Part of the joy of my work is that I not only get to work with music but also with words. Sometimes it’s a difficult process but a lot of the time it’s really fun.”

–reviewed by martin kielty for progrock.com