2012 YouTube Top Trailers Leaderboard


For many of us, trailers are half the fun of going to the movies. Thanks to YouTube, there’s no price of admission to watch them. More and more, entertainment brands are promoting trailers on YouTube so fans can view and share them whenever they choose. As people engage with their favorite titles pre- and post-launch across multiple screens, online trailers have become an integral part of entertainment launches today.

The 2012 YouTube Top Trailers Leaderboard celebrates the movie, TV, and gaming trailers that most moved audiences through a winning combination of promotion (paid ads) and popularity (organic views). Combined, they have over 170 million views — proof that great ads can be entertainment that people choose to watch.

1. “Surprise” – Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Live-Action Trailer

Uploaded 10/29/12 by CALLOFDUTYCreative Agency72andSunny

Media: OMD. Views: 35,152,507

2. Reveal Trailer – Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Uploaded 5/1/12 by CALLOFDUTY. Creative Agency: The Ant Farm

Media: OMD. Views: 29,598,702

3. The Dark Knight Rises – Official Trailer #3 [HD]

Uploaded 4/30/12 by WarnerBrosPictures. Media: OmnicomMediaGroup

Views: 26,825,747

4.  SKYFALL – Official Trailer 

Uploaded 7/31/12 by SonyPictures. Creative Agency: The Picture Production Company (PPC)

Media: Universal McCann. Views: 17,572,461

5. Ted – Trailer 

Uploaded 4/5/12 by TedIsReal. Creative Agency: Vibe Creative

Media: Ignited. Views 15,404,876

6. The Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer #2

Uploaded 2/1/12 by TheHungerGames. Creative Agency: Carve Creative Advertising

Media: Initiative. Views: 12,527,651

7. Revolution – Trailer 

Uploaded 5/13/12 by NBC. Creative Agency: NBC Entertainment Marketing On-Air

Media: Ignited. views: 9,915,019

8. Multiplayer Reveal Trailer – Official Call of Duty: Black Ops…

Uploaded 8/7/12 by CALLOFDUTY Creative Agency: The Ant Farm

Media: OMD. Views: 8,817,813

9. SKYFALL – Official Teaser Trailer

Uploaded 5/21/12 by SonyPictures. Creative Agency: The Picture Production

Company (PPC) Media: Universal McCann. views: 8,773,971

10. Launch Trailer – Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video

Uploaded 10/16/12 by CALLOFDUTY. Creative Agency: The Ant Farm

Media: OMD. views: 8,230,452

Source: thinkwithgoogle.com. View count as of 12/18/12