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Johnny Marr ?” Shepherd?s Bush Empire ?” March 15th

Johnny Marr will play a show at Shepherd?s Bush Empire as part of his headline tour promoting his debut solo album, ?The Messenger?. This London show should be a tour highlight, before culminating in a show in his hometown of Manchester on March 22nd.

Needing no introduction, Marr has had an incredible career, from his time with possibly the greatest indie band of all time, The Smiths, to collaborations with numerous bands, such as Modest Mouse and The Cribs. He has earned himself a reputation as one of, if not the, greatest guitarists of all time. This is a show not to be missed!

?The Messenger?, recorded in Manchester and Berlin, and mastered at Abbey Road, has been garnering much critical acclaim. The brilliant title track which previewed the album will be joined by titles such as ?Word Starts Attack? and ?Upstarts?.

Speaking about the album, Marr stated: ?The underlying idea of the record is my experience of growing up in Europe,? he explains. ?When you?re away from your home city you?re more compelled to write about it, whether that?s because you?re homesick or you?ve got more objectivity, I don?t know. Growing up in the city influences you, and I?ve continued to see, stories and energy in it.?

Tickets are on sale now and pre-order bundles can be found at Johnny’s website here.

March Tour Dates:

10th ?” Oxford, O2 Academy

11th ?” Norwich, Waterfront

12th ?” Cambridge, Junction

14th ?” Brighton, Concorde

15th ?” London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

16th ?” Birmingham, HMV Institute

18th ?” Sheffield, Leadmill

19th ?” Glasgow, O2 ABC

20th ?” Liverpool, O2, Academy

22nd ?” Manchester, HMV Ritz

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— written by roisin kelleher for louderthanwar.com


Update: Pulp releases new version of “After You”, produced by James Murphy

As Pulp conclude their two-year long reunion, they’ve left fans with a nice parting gift. Attendees of the band’s recent homecoming show in Sheffield, UK were given Christmas cards with a download code for “a little present,” which was to be submitted to the band’s website on Christmas Day. What they received was a previously unreleased version of the We Love Life era demo “After You”.

Update: As Pitchfork reports, this new version of “After You” was recorded in November by the band, then finished with James Murphy in London and while on the Coachella cruise. It marks the band’s first new recording in 10 years!

“After You” was first demoed in 2000 at London’s Wessex Studios. Pulp drummer Nick Banks previously described the song as “an absolute lost classic.”

As our resident Pulp expert Frank Mojica reports, this new version offers more developed instrumentation and clocks in about a minute longer than an earlier version floating around the web. Take a listen below.

Speaking recently to Q magazine, Jarvis Cocker said the band had nothing scheduled beyond their appearance on the Coachella cruise. “We haven’t got anything planned after the New Year… we’ll just be cruising off into the sunset. Seems poetic. Not wishing to make a big deal, but we’ve played for a while and it’s been really good, but you can’t keep doing that forever.”

Photo via Bar Italia

–compiled by alex young for consequenceofsound.net

Ronnie Wood, 65, weds Sally Humphreys, 34, in secret ceremony… with Rod Stewart as best man


The bride wore her mother’s simple wedding dress. For the groom, the only nod to his wild side was his bright pink socks.

They had promised it would be a low-key affair – and Ronnie Wood and Sally Humphreys were true to their word as they married yesterday.

The Rolling Stones guitarist, 65, made the 34-year-old theatre producer his third wife in a brief ceremony in the eighth-floor penthouse suite at the Dorchester hotel in central London.

Sally looked every inch the blushing bride as she arrived at her wedding reception at The Dorchester on Friday in a traditional white gown with new husband Ronnie grinning in his navy suit clutching a packet of cigarettes.

The bride accessorised her three-quarter length sleeved off-white dress with a ruby red heart necklace and bright lipstick.

Her layered taffeta gown complimented her slim figure while Ronnie looked dapper in his tailored suit with checked detail.

The low-key ceremony was attended by close family and friends and in a secret location.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the couple was spotted leaving the ceremony looking blissfully happy together.


Wood picked his former Faces bandmate Rod Stewart as his best man at the private celebration for family and friends.

Rod was accompanied by his wife Penny Lancaster, while Leah Wood, 34, Ronnie’s daughter by second wife Jo was also in attendance.

Eldest son Jesse, 36, was joined by his pregnant Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton while younger son Tyrone, 29, was also there to watch his dad tie the knot.


Famous guests included Sir Paul McCartney accompanied by wife Nancy Shevell, who looked stunning in a green and fuchsia wrap around dress.

The pair left their reception around 8.30pm with the bride looking demure in a salmon pink dress and  tailored coat, the newlyweds treated onlookers to their first public kiss as man and wife.

After knowing Ronnie for several years, Sally has previously gushed about her romance with the Start Me Up performer. But the pair kept everyone on their toes after telling fans they would marry in early 2013.  She said: ‘Ronnie was married and then Ronnie wasn’t married. I have had boyfriends, then I didn’t have a boyfriend. It had to wait until everyone was clear. But I definitely feel like I have ended up in the right place.’

Ronnie has been married twice before, firstly to Krissy Findlay – the mother of his son Jesse – from 1971 to 1978.  Wood split from his second wife Jo, 57, in 2008 after an alcohol-soaked affair with 21-year-old cocktail waitress Katia Ivanova.

Following that there was a liaison with Brazilian model Ana Araujo, with whom he split after growing tired of her obsession with fame and a short-lived fling with promotions girl Nicola Sargent, 25. His divorce from Jo, to whom he was married for 24 years, was finalised last year. In the candid interview with the Evening Standard earlier this year, Sally admitted that she’s not really a fan of the age difference between her and her husband-to-be. She said: ‘There is an age gap. I would prefer it if there wasn’t but there is but maybe I’m a bit older and he’s a bit younger at heart.’ And putting the negative criticism from their naysayers to rest, Humphreys said that she believes the gap of three decades will serve them well.


–by lucy buckland for dailymail.co.uk

The pulse of the planet signifies the biggest conversations of the year around single events that generate a large number of Tweets and Retweets. Here are the major occurrences in 2012 for which the world came together to witness and discuss.

Summer Olympics

The 16-day Summer Games in London generated 150 million Tweets. The closing ceremonies (specifically, the Spice Girls’ performance) amassed the largest Games-related spike, 116,000+ Tweets per minute. The largest competition-related conversation: when Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (@UsainBolt), most-discussed athlete, won gold in the 200m sprint (80,000 Tweets per minute).
Summer Olympics

Pic: Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, kisses his gold medal after taking to the podium tonight pic.twitter.com/QNHd9WTx

U.S. election

The first of the U.S. presidential debates produced 10 million Tweets; 31 million+ Tweets were sent about the election on Election Day. As news organizations tallied the results that evening, the conversation about the election on Twitter surged, hitting a peak of 327,452 Tweets per minute (TPM).
U.S. election
Credit: By Doug Mills / New York Times

Photo: Plenty of pointing fingers in the second debate between Obama and Romney (by @dougmillsnyt)pic.twitter.com/KgqkgZM2

MTV Video Music Awards

Over 52 million votes were cast via Tweets for the “Most Sharable Video” for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards show. The show itself generated 14.7 million Tweets; the biggest peak of the night went to the moment One Direction won Best Pop Video with 98,307 Tweets per minute. Taylor Swift’s performance was the night’s second biggest moment, generating 86,275 Tweets per minute.
MTV Video Music Awards


 PSY!! Dance for me, immediately.pic.twitter.com/5Pghztcx

Super Bowl

Super Bowl fans had a lot to say about this year’s Giants-Patriots February 5th match. We saw 13.7 million Super Bowl-related Tweets during the game; 1 million of them appeared in the final 5 minutes. Tweets spiked when an incomplete pass by the Patriots sealed the Giants’ victory, at 201,466 Tweets per minute. Madonna’s halftime show saw 108,077 Tweets per minute.
Super Bowl

Here’s what @Giants & @Patriots‘ll be fighting 4 Sunday: Lombardi trophy, on-set 4 Super Bowl LIVE. pic.twitter.com/d5eWgFuu

Euro 2012

Nothing ignites global conversation like a football match. During this final in which Spain beat Italy 4-0, Juan Mata’s goal sparked 267,200 Tweets per minute. Other big Twitter moments: Mario Balotelli’s second goal for Italy against Germany, Cesc Fabregas’ goal for Spain against Italy, and Spain’s defeat of Portugal in the semi-finals.
Euro 2012

Great! This is amazing! This is for everybody, you deserve it!pic.twitter.com/aj3KuPrm

Superstorm Sandy

Between October 27 and November 1, people sent more than 20 million Tweets about Sandy’s impact and aftermath. When the power went out in much of New York City, mobile usage from people there more than doubled from the previous two days. Afterwards, people sought ways to help: Tweets mentioning the word “donate” reached a 180-day peak; the phrase “donate blood” a 365-day peak.
Superstorm Sandy

UEFA Champions League Semi-Final

In April, fans around the world tuned in to watch the Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea. During the game, total global traffic on the platform peaked at 184,535 Tweets per minute following Fernando Torres’ goal to tie the game for Chelsea, making this single game one of the biggest sports-related Twitter moments this year.
UEFA Champions League Semi-Final

Seen it all now…..Torres scores, makes it 2-2 on the night and astonishingly, gloriously Chelsea are in the final of the Champions League

“Summer Wars” obsession

Japanese anime movie “Summer Wars” was broadcast on Nihon TV in July. During the film, the main character hits the enter key and says, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” (“Please!”). Thousands of fans of both anime and Twitter created their own “live” event by tweeting that line exactly when the main character says it in the film.
“Summer Wars” obsession
Credit: Summer Wars Film Partners

【サマウォクラスタへ】サマーウォーズが好きすぎて、Twitterの空気感をオズ風に表示するサイト作りました。よろしくお願いしまぁぁあああす! tword.net   pic.twitter.com/84kMQ70l

Whitney Houston

On February 11, news broke that Whitney Houston passed away unexpectedly at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Many of the superstar’s fans saw the news on Twitter, and tweeted to express their grief and share gratitude for her music. The news of her passing generated more than 10 million Tweets (73,662 Tweets per minute). Later, fans and performers saluted her with nearly 2 million Tweets during a live televised funeral and tribute.
Whitney Houston
Credit: Clive Davis, on Twitter

R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Retweet for respect.


Two controversial antipiracy bills under consideration in Congress (SOPA in the House, PIPA in the Senate) were hotly discussed Twitter topics. As debate heated up, “SOPA” on Twitter exploded from 106,000 mentions to 3.5 million 24 hours later. Similarly, in the same day, 86,500 “PIPA” mentions grew to more than 655,500.
Credit: Clay Shirky by alecperkins, on Flickr

Internet 1, Congress 0

taken from 2012.twitter.com

Tom Odell: Promising The New Piano Man.


Hometown: Chichester.

The lineup: Tom Odell (vocals, piano).

The background: We went to see a new singer-songwriter called Joe Banfi the other night at the Social in London. He did that gruff post-Buckley thing that young musicians of a certain type tend to do these days. The room was hushed when he sang his raw ballads of infidelity, and the applause when he finished verged on the rapturous. This fellow, we thought, is going to make some (quietly emotional, increasingly torrential on the chorus) noise in 2013. But now we’ve heard Tom Odell and we’re not so sure. If the male troubadour niche isn’t quite as crowded as the female soul one, there are still contenders out there, some of them serious (although whatever did happen to Marcus Foster?). Can more than one make it? Let’s see.

The space may already have been filled by Jake Bugg, even if Odell’s music is more florid and arranged than the Nottingham boy’s – he’s classically trained, you know. We’re still not sure what that means, or what effect being classically trained has on the student’s compositions because we’re not exactly talking Mozart here, but certainly there are voices stacked on top of voices and there are strings that swell as the singing becomes more passionate.

Still only 21, he’s signed to a major – the same one, incidentally, as the aforementioned Jeff – and we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that one or two of them over at the label have muttered something about them having signed a Brit boy capable of a Grace. Although blond, he has a similarly tousled yet haunted quality. Those good looks, and that boyish sensitivity, have already won him, or at least his music, favour in the fashion world, as it featured during a recent Burberry show.

There are four tracks on his debut EP and they range from averagely resonant to rivetingly sad. You may consider that Odell’s performance on the song Sense is quite mannered or you may feel it genuinely captures what it feels like to experience real pain. It’s like James Blake without the dubstep, the sound of one man perilously close to cracking up. It starts as just a voice and piano before he is joined by a series of humming, harmonising Odells. Another Love is equally ripe as Odell once again becomes his very own choir of fallen rough-boy angels. “If somebody hurts you I want to fight … so I use my voice, I’ll be so fuckin’ rude,” he croaks. Anger, betrayal, confusion, despair – and that’s just us. Stay Tonight is just a demo, to be fair, but it does suggest that, unadorned and allowed to bellow, he could be just another advert for hoarse lassitude, a solo Stereophonic. Which we really don’t need in 2013 at all.

The buzz: “He falls into a space that borders James Blake’s minimalistic territory, yet spills over into Alex Clare‘s soulful emotionality” –trendland.com.

The truth: It is really rather affecting, or a simulacrum of emotionality – you decide.

Most likely to: Have a nice day.

Least likely to: Wear a tramp’s vest.

What to buy: The Songs from Another Love EP is released by Columbia.

File next to: Joe Banfi, Jeff Buckley, Kelly JonesPassenger.

Links: tomodell.com.

(reviewed by: paul lester for guardian.co.uk)

Mick Jagger’s love letters sold in London auction

By Gerrick D. KennedyDecember 13, 2012, 11:15 a.m.

A set of letters written by Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger to a secret lover in the late 1960s sold big at a London auction Wednesday, with a buyer dropping more than 187,250 pounds ($301,000) on the notes.

The collection of 10 letters, dated from the summer of 1969 (when Jagger was just 25), were on the auction block at Sotheby’s in London.

Jagger’s love notes were written to the American-born singer Marsha Hunt while he was in Australia filming “Ned Kelly.”

Hunt, believed to be the inspiration for the band’s 1971 hit “Brown Sugar,” put the notes — which included song lyrics and a Rolling Stones playlist — up for sale because “the passage of time has given these letters a place in our cultural history,” according to the Guardian newspaper. She also said she needed the cash to pay bills.

Jagger’s relationship with Hunt was largely kept secret. In 1970, she gave birth to the rock star’s first child, Karis Jagger Hunt.

As for the buyer? It’s reported to be a private collector.

(From: latimes.com.)

(Photos: Sotheby’s/Associated Press)


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