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I’d never seen this rather splendid documentary on Kate Bush before. Made for German television in 1980, Kate Bush in Concert captures what was, and still is so irrepressible about the pioneering singer and performer, and explains the delightful (and naive) charm that caused so many young virginal fans to pine for her. Mixing live performance with an interview, in which we hear how Kate’s brothers’ taste in Prog Rock (Pink Fairies and Pink Floyd) and Folk Music that inspired her, and explaining the difference between her on-stage and off-stage persona.

‘When I perform, there’s just something that happens in me, it just takes over. It’s like suddenly feeling you’ve leapt into another structure, almost like another person, and you just do it. But when I’m not working, it’s me and I certainly wouldn’t dance around a table and sing.’

Och, well, there goes another wee fantasy of Ms Bush dancing and singing around a homely kitchen whilst baking fruit scones.


–source from dangerousmind.net with big thanks to john kowalski

Kate Bush Gets New Year Honour

Kate Bush

Honour: Kate Bush

Kate Bush has been given a CBE for her services to the music industry.

She’s been named in the Queen’s annual New Year Honours list, alongside a number of names from the arts, sciences and Olympics.

In a brief statement she said she was “deeply honoured” to receive the title Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

She becomes a CBE alongside artist Tracy Enim, choreographer Arlene Philips and ex Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie.

Bush  – who was nominated for the Visionary gong at the inaugural Progressive Music Awards earlier this year – released her ninth studio album, 50 Words For Snow, in 2011.

At the time the told The Quietus: “Years ago I think I must have heard this idea that there were 50 words for snow in this, ah, Eskimo Land. I just thought it was such a great idea to have so many words about one thing.

“It is a myth – although it may hold true in a different language – but it was just a play on the idea: that if they had that many words for snow, did we? Just in our immediate language we have words like hail, slush, sleet, settling… So this was a way to try and take it into a more imaginative world.

“I love words. I think they’re fascinating and incredibly wonderful things. Part of the joy of my work is that I not only get to work with music but also with words. Sometimes it’s a difficult process but a lot of the time it’s really fun.”

–reviewed by martin kielty for progrock.com



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