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Regulatory body issues first report aimed at curbing the streaming and downloading of copyrighted content.

PARIS: Already home to some of the strictest anti-piracy laws for users, France’s Internet Authority (HADOPI) has  issued a new report examining ways to curb usage of streaming and direct download sites.

Looking to stop piracy at the source, the report suggests a combination of techniques including site blocking or domain seizures if operators do not comply.

The authority suggests the implementation of content recognition by site owners, including digital fingerprinting technology. These systems could be used to remove content upon the request of copyright holders, similar to YouTube or DailyMotion, or restrict user access based on location.

If site operators are unwilling to add these mechanisms or if illegal content reappears on the site, the report suggests initial steps such as search engine de-listings. If sites fail to comply with the warnings, HADOPI suggests it could also resort to involving the the courts in order to seize or permanently block the domains.

The agency would also seek to target the finances of any sites subject to the copyright alerts, taking steps to block PayPal accounts, the use of credit cards and third party advertising. Again looking to the courts, HADOPI suggests that if financial partners refused to cooperate, it would seek legal action.

Read more about the story here: http://bit.ly/149BUlC

The HADOPI report will be reviewed further before the agency decides on any action.


Stone Temple Pilots have fired singer Scott Weiland. The band broke the news this morning, issuing a statement that simply read: “Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.” And while it’s not the first time Weiland’s been tossed out of a band (Velvet Revolver, anyone?), it’s still nonetheless surprising.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/12b3zHq

Then again, it’s not like this reunion hasn’t had its ups and downs. If you recall, in 2010,they had to postpone dates stemming from Weiland’s drunken ramblings, and did the same a year later when vocal issues arose.

One has to wonder, though, if they bid him farewell via Army of Anyone:

Photo by Brad Bretz


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