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As previously reported, the “Live on Letterman” full concert web series welcomed Depeche Mode last night. They performed a number of songs off their upcoming album Delta MachineThey then performed “Heaven” on “Late Show With David Letterman”; watch a video of that performance below. Readers in North America can watch the full “Live” performance here, and the full set is also streaming on Soundcloud, via a fan account. http://bit.ly/Zwtxhv

Delta Machine, the follow-up to 2009’s Sounds of the Universe, is out March 26 via Columbia.


Courtesy Columbia Records

Courtesy Columbia Records

After more than three decades together, synth-pop pioneers Depeche Mode are excited as ever to unveil new music.

On March 26, the band will release their eleventh studio full-length, Delta Machine. Ahead of the album’s release, Depeche Mode will webcast their Live on Letterman performance from New York’s historic Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT via CBS.com. For those unable to catch it during its first airing, the entire performance will be repeated multiple times immediately following the live broadcast. Shortly thereafter, the set will be made available on-demand via VEVO.

During a recent interview, frontman Dave Gahan joked with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean about the electronic band’s storied 32-year history. “We’ve been that band that nobody understood, then we’ve been the band that everybody tried to imitate, and suddenly we were the band that everybody says, ‘oh we were influenced by.’”

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Today would have been the Man in Black’s 80th birthday. Although he’s passed on, Johnny Cash remains one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and beyond. In honour of the outlaw icon, we’ve created a playlist that tells Johnny Cash’s story through his words and his music.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/ZH8KgS

His recording career and his relationship with his peers in Nashville were at an all-time low by the late eighties, however. He referred to himself in his autobiography as “invisible” during this period. But when the 1990s arrived, Cash came back to prominence through collaborations with U2, Joe Strummer and Rick Rubin‘s ‘American Recordings’ label. With Rubin, a new audience discovered Cash through his covers of artists like Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden and Depeche Mode.

Following the diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disease in 1997, Cash stopped touring, but he continued writing up until the final song he penned, ‘Like the 309’.

12 Great Johnny Cash Songs

Cash was known for his deep, distinctive voice, the boom-chick-a-boom or “freight train” sound of his Tennessee Three backing band, his demeanor, and his dark clothing, which earned him the nickname “The Man in Black.” He traditionally started his concerts with the simple introduction “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” Here is a list of the 12 greatest Johnny Cash Songs. Read more about Cash here: http://bit.ly/ZH8KgS

12. 25 Minutes to Go

Although Cash never did “hard time”, his songs often reflected the common, lower class, less fortunate man. This tune of the final minutes of a condemned man, is tinged with humor, but is ultimately very dark as the song never actually ends, but just trails off. Not a very popular song, but only one he could pull off. Best moment 2:08 (Johnny’s voice cracks)

11. Give My Love To Rose

This classic highlights another of Cash’s favorite subjects – death and redemption. A dying ex-con asks a man to pass on his dying words. The simple chords are so basic but so powerful. Best moment 1:10 (Tell my boy that daddy’s so proud of him) – so sad

10. The Streets of Laredo

Completely haunting tale of another dying cowboy. Chilling and vivid. Best moment 2:08 (I’m a young cowboy and I know I’ve done wrong)

9. God’s Gonna Cut You Down

This spooky, rambling chain-gang hymn illustrates Johnny’s voice with a minimal backbeat. Note the twang of the mouth harp. Best moment 1:15 (“I thought I heard the shuffle of a-a-angels feet”)

8. A Boy Named Sue

Originally written by poet Shel Silverstien, the story of an abandoned boy and his run in with his father after years of abuse has so many great rhymes and vivid images. No chorus necessary on this crowd favorite. Best moment 1:18 (“My name is Sue! How do you do? Now you’re gonna die!”).

7. Cocaine Blues

This tragic story of a drug-addled murderer and his arrogance is a cautionary tale of drug abuse and inevitability of getting caught for your crimes. Best moment 2:24 (“I can’t forget that day I shot that bad bitch down”).

6. Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

A mother’s plea to her son in a dangerous time . No need to wait until the end of the song to figure out what is going to happen to our protagonist Bill. Best moment 00:24 (The pause before his mother’s first warning).

5. Orange Blossom Special

Here Cash sings about another old American tradition of days past – waiting for a loved one on a train. The guitars chug along to the tempo of a locomotive and Cash delivers with a killer harmonica. Best Moment 1:57 (I Don’t care if I do die do die do die do).

4. It Ain’t Me Babe

Beautiful duet with his wife June Carter which flips the traditional “I am the one you need” song, to a warning that he is not the man of her dreams. Interesting that he has his wife of so many years chose this song to do live so many times. Check out Johnny actually dancing in this clip! Best moment 00:50 (Naw, naw, naw! It ain’t me babe.)

3. I Walk the Line

Many people’s favorite. A song about true love and the promises made to one’s true love. No Cash list is complete without it. Best moment 1:20 (I’m a fooool for you).

2. Hurt

As odd as it sounds, this Nine Inch Nails cover would probably never have seen any airtime had it not been for this ultra-powerful video which shows Cash through the years, and finally as an old, tired, man. If this video doesn’t give you chills, no video will. Best moment (2:50 the spooky piano comes in).

1. Folsom Prison Blues

This ode to all those who will never see the outside world and “smoke big cigars” has one of Cash’s darkest lines around 00:38. So raw and cold. Followed by a great guitar solo.

Honorable mentions

I Got Stripes
Get Rhythm
Long Black Veil
Five Feet High and Rising
Sunday Morning Comedown


Martin Gore, Frank Ocean (Miguel Medina, Matt Kent Getty Images

Martin Gore, Frank Ocean (Miguel Medina, Matt Kent Getty Images

During a recent interview, Depeche Mode lead singer Dave Gahan revealed that vocalist Frank Ocean has collaborated with the band’s main songwriterMartin Gore.

“We were in the studio in New York, and we were filming and recording some live tracks toward the end of the session. I was singing, Martin [Gore] on guitar, a few of the other guys,” Gahan told Entertainment Weekly about a session for Depeche Mode’s forthcoming new album, Delta Machine.

Suddenly in the doorway, I sensed this presence, and I realized there was this guy standing there just watching,” Gahan continued. “An assistant came up to me in between songs and said, ‘Do you mind? Frank Ocean is here working in another studio and really wants to meet you guys.’ I wouldn’t have thought he would have even known who we are, but it turns out he’s a big fan.”

Read more here: http://bit.ly/126pyiP

Depeche Mode’s Delta Machine is scheduled for release on March 26, followed by an extensive world tour. North American dates have yet to be announced.

-Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


Synth-Pop Albums

Synth-pop is a convoluted, multi-layered thing. It has its roots in 1970s krautrock, thrived in the ’80s during a second British Invasion, took a darker turn in the ’90s and rebounded in the ’00s as both tribute to and expansion of the music’s peak years. One thing they all have in common is the love of big pop hooks and a sense that the landscape is an open playing field for synthesizers to roam. This is diffuser.fm list made by Michael Gallucci of the 10 Best Synth-Pop Albums spans ’70s pioneers to ’10s revisionists.

Duran Duran Rio

10 ‘Rio’ – Duran Duran
Duran Duran’s 1982 album pretty much launched synth-pop into the mainstream’s consciousness, thanks to nonstop MTV exposure. The music would take on more subtle contours as the decade progressed, but in the early ’80s it was all glossy pop hooks and detonating synth riffs. ‘Rio’ packs a ton of them.
M83 Hurry Up We're Dreaming


‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ –

This French group is all over the place on its 2011 double-album opus. But the New Wave, shoegaze, dreampop and post-rock elements all come together under the synth-pop umbrella, which, like so many new-millennium synth-pop music, nods to the music’s heyday. This is ’80s revivalism at its most playful and ambitious.
Tears for Fears Songs From the Big Chair

MTV opened the door to synth-pop (and bands like Kajagoogoo and a Flock of Seagulls) in the early ’80s, but Tears for Fears gave the music some much-needed credibility in 1985. The British duo’s No. 1 album spawned three hit singles and displayed an assortment of sophistication and American soul missing in so many of their contemporaries’ songs.
MGMT Oracular Spectacular


‘Oracular Spectacular’ –

MGMT’s 2007 debut doses its springy synth-pop with hits of mind-warping psych-rock and even some good old-fashioned prog. But the core sound on ‘Oracular Spectacular’ is rooted in the frisky onslaught of ’80s synths. Other new-millennium bands may be more faithful to genre, but very few do it as well.
Depeche Mode Violator


‘Violator’ –

By the time of their 1990 breakthrough album, Depeche Mode had abandoned the bubbly synth-pop of their early records for a darker, more brooding version of it. More than any other band in the genre, Depeche Mode strayed outside the perceived boundaries to discover other shapes and tones within the music. By their second decade, they sounded nothing like Duran Duran (see No. 10 on our list of the 10 Best Synth-Pop Albums) and were taking synth-pop in bold new directions.

Gary Numan Pleasure Principle

Numan’s 1979 album was one of the first synth-pop records to break into the mainstream. ‘The Pleasure Principle’ reached the Top 20, and its hit single ‘Cars’ made it all the way to the Top 10. In an era when longhaired dudes with guitars were still ruling the airwaves with various disco queens, Numan’s synth-pop achievements are monumental.
Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express


‘Trans-Europe Express’ –

This German quartet was pioneering synth-pop back when computers still seemed about as real-world useful as jetpacks. Their best album, 1977’s ‘Trans-Europe Express,’ would influence everyone from hip-hop godfathers to New Wave giants to just about everyone on our list of the 10 Best Synth-Pop Albums. Thirty-five years later, it still sounds ahead of its time.
Postal Service Give Up


‘Give Up’ –

When Death Cab for Cutie‘s Ben Gibbard and electronic artist Jimmy Tamborello released the Postal Service’s only album a decade ago, synth-pop was basically being played for nostalgia or so deep in the underground that only the most dedicated music fans were hearing it. ‘Give Up’ revolutionized and updated the music for the 21st century, giving it a human pulse as well as finding heartbreak in the sounds of the machines.
New Order Power Corruption and Lies


‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ –

New Order’s artsy and cultured approach to synth-pop made them one of the ’80s’ most important bands. They were still picking up the pieces of their former group, Joy Division, on their debut album, but by 1983’s ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ they were pushing the synths and the pop to the forefront, and history was made.
Human League Dare


‘Dare’ –

The Human League
Unlike most of the bands on our list of the 10 Best Synth-Pop Albums, the Human League made their Top 5 1981 LP almost entirely with synthesizers. That they managed to uncover genuine passion and emotion, not to mention humongous pop hooks (especially in the case of the No. 1 single ‘Don’t You Want Me’), in the songs is some sort of miracle. Synth-pop was slowly picking up steam by the time ‘Dare’ came out, but it helped set the template for almost everything that followed.

“I want people to feel good about listening to this record.”

Courtesy Colombia Records

Courtesy Colombia Records

Word spread Monday that Depeche Mode‘s first single titled “Heaven” from the forthcoming album Delta Machine would make its radio debut this Thursday. In a surprise move, the song was world premiered this morning by KROQ Los Angeles morning show hosts Kevin & Bean.

Buzz on the new material has been strong with chief songwriter Martin Gore stating that the new album back to the band’s glory days. “It’s got a bit of a feel of Violator on some of the songs and a feel of Songs of Faith and Devotion on other songs,” said Gore. “It’s a bit of a hybrid of those two for me.”

Watch the video below:

Delta Machine, their long-awaited 13th studio full-length, on March 26. The album was recorded over the past year in Santa Barbara, CA (home to the band’s main songwriter, Martin Gore) and New York City, produced by Ben Hillier and mixed by long-time DM associate Flood.

– Scott Sterling / Jay Tilles, CBS Local

Following the release of the new record, Depeche Mode will embark on an already-announced European tour, opening May 7 in Tel Aviv, to be followed by a full North American trek later in the summer or in early fall, details of which are still to be announced.

New Studio Album ‘Delta Machine’ Set For Release March 26th on Columbia Records

  • Depeche Mode to Debut Video for First Single ‘Heaven’ on VEVO Next Friday, February 1st

    (Columbia Records; New York, NY; January 24, 2013) – Depeche Mode have announced they will release their highly anticipated 13th studio album, entitled Delta Machine, on March 26th worldwide via Columbia Records. The album, recorded over the last year in Santa Barbara, California and New York City, was produced by Ben Hillier and mixed by Flood. In addition to the album announcement, Depeche Mode have also confirmed that the video for the first single “Heaven” will debut on VEVO next Friday, February 1st. Alongside a standard CD format, Depeche Mode will release Delta Machine in an exclusive Deluxe Edition with four additional new tracks and accompanied by a 28 page hardcover book including photos by longtime artistic collaborator Anton Corbijn (please see track listing, as well as album and single configurations below).

    Martin Gore said of the release, “Writing this album was incredibly daunting as I wanted the sound of this collection to be very modern. I want people to feel good about listening to this record, to get some kind of peace. It’s just got something magical about it.”

    Dave Gahan added, “With this release we’ve completely shifted our idea of how to create an album. When we hit a wall where we realize the album is beginning to sound too normal, we’ll mess it up and really give it that organic Depeche Mode Sound. Delta Machine is no different, and I can’t wait for all of our fans to hear it.”

    Following the release of their new album, Depeche Mode will embark on a European stadium tour, kicking off in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park on May 7th. They will perform 34 shows in 25 European countries, featuring appearances at Milan’s famed San Siro Stadium, the Stade De France in Paris, and Moscow’s Locomotive Stadium before wrapping up the European leg of their tour in Minsk, Belarus on July 29. A full North American tour will follow, with details to be announced in the coming weeks.

    The tracklisting for Delta Machine is as follows:

    1 – Welcome To My World
    2 – Angel
    3 – Heaven
    4 – Secret To The End
    5 – My Little Universe
    6 – Slow
    7 – Broken
    8 – The Child Inside
    9 – Soft Touch / Raw Nerve
    10 – Should Be Higher
    11 – Alone
    12 – Soothe My Soul
    13 – Goodbye

    DELUXE EDITION: (includes hardcover 28-page booklet)

    DISC 1
    1 – Welcome To My World
    2 – Angel
    3 – Heaven
    4 – Secret To The End
    5 – My Little Universe
    6 – Slow
    7 – Broken
    8 – The Child Inside
    9 – Soft Touch / Raw Nerve
    10 – Should Be Higher
    11 – Alone
    12 – Soothe My Soul
    13 – Goodbye

    DISC 2
    1 – Long Time Lie
    2 – Happens All The Time
    3 – Always
    4 – All That’s Mine

    The tracklisting for the “Heaven” CD single is as follows:

    “Heaven” CD SINGLE:
    1 – Heaven
    2 – All That’s Mine (b side bonus track)

    “Heaven” CD MAXI:
    1 – Heaven
    2 – Heaven (Owlle Remix)
    3 – Heaven (steps to heaven rmx)
    4 – Heaven (Blawan Remix)
    5 – Heaven (Mathew Dear vs Audion Remix)

source depechemode.com, image slicinguptheeyeballs.com

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