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(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

fun. recently took a break from skiing to chat with 96.5 TIC/Hartford about their upcoming performance at President Obama’s Inauguration and confessed that they still get starstruck. It happened recently, as the band had the chance to play with Counting Crows, and there’s more artists they’d love to collaborate with in the future.

Paul McCartney would be pretty cool,” Nate Ruess confessed.

Jack Antonoff added an explanation for what he feels makes a great artist team-up, saying, “Playing with someone is like [seeing] a free show with a band you love. It’s cool to do things that you would have paid money for.”

Read more fun. interview with 96.5 TIC/Hartford here fun. Reveal Nerves On Performing At President Obama’s Inaugural Ball « 96.5 TIC FM – Hartford’s Best Variety.

fun. will be star struck in a very different way soon, as they approach their big appearance at the White House for one of President Obama’s Inauguration events. They’ll get the chance to shake hands with the President but fans shouldn’t expect any Al Roker situations. The newscaster admitted publicly last week that he had an accidental bowel movement at the White House, which was news to the guys from fun.

The Inaugural events will kick off on Saturday (January 19) in Washington, D.C.


-Bill Sencio, 96.5 TIC/Hartford


Trends are the topics for which we see noteworthy spikes in Twitter conversations. The 2012 Trends reveal what captured our attention, rather than what terms were consistently popular.

Conversation Starters

Hashtags help to organize conversations around topics: #nowplaying to share your favorite music, or #blessed to enumerate the good things in your life. The popularity of terms like #oomf (“one of my followers”), #lrt (“last Retweet”), #shoutout, and so on highlight the personal interactions at the heart of Twitter.

  1. #nowplaying
  2. #oomf
  3. #blessed
  4. #quote
  5. #lrt
  1. #salute
  2. #news
  3. #followfriday
  4. #throwbackthursday
  5. #shoutout


This year, voters discussed candidates and their ads, campaigns and conventions. Hashtags like #tcot (“top conservatives on Twitter”) invited more conversation, and real-time events like the debates saw record levels of engagement.

  1. #tcot
  2. #teaparty
  3. #gop
  4. #romney
  5. mitt romney
  1. #dnc2012
  2. charlotte
  3. #gop2012
  4. #rnc
  5. #obama2012


People tweet incessantly about favorite contestants on reality shows like Big Brother (#bb14) and American Idol; they obsess over plot points on hits like Pretty Little Liars. TV nostalgia is popular too, as fans reminisce about shows from the past.

  1. family guy
  2. #bb14
  3. american dad
  4. hey arnold
  5. american idol
  1. pretty little liars
  2. 106 & park
  3. SNL
  4. fresh prince
  5. boy meets world


Rooting for their favorite team, discussing an MV player’s performance, or getting caught up in Olympic competitions, sports fans never flag on Twitter. And there’s never an off-season.

  1. #nfl
  2. #nascar
  3. #mlb
  4. olympics
  5. #sfgiants
  1. jeremy lin
  2. super bowl
  3. dwight howard
  4. kobe
  5. #yankees


Movie buffs take to Twitter to discuss the hottest releases, most buzzed-about blockbusters, and all their favorite films. Based on this list, it seems fans are drawn to action flicks and dark tales — but romance always finds a way.

  1. think like a man
  2. the hunger games
  3. the avengers
  4. Red Tails
  5. 21 Jump Street
  1. Dark Knight Rises
  2. Dark Shadows
  3. The Devil Inside
  4. Safe House
  5. The Vow


Fans share their favorite songs via hashtags like #nowplaying and #musicmonday. This year, hip-hop stars took center stage on Twitter. Large music festivals like Coachella also generated much live tweeting, and fans all over chatted about performances.

  1. rick ross
  2. #hiphop
  3. trey songz
  4. nicki minaj
  5. #musicmonday
  1. kendrick lamar
  2. chris brown
  3. coachella
  4. big sean
  5. r&b


People love talking about food on Twitter. This year, trends spiked around specific eateries and that perennial favorite coffee — as well as a certain coffee chain.

  1. ihop
  2. starbucks
  3. waffle house
  4. mcdonalds
  5. bbq
  1. #coffee
  2. taco bell
  3. denny’s
  4. burger king
  5. olive garden


As new products were announced (cf. the new iPad, iPhone or Kindle, they saw significant spikes in Twitter discussion. Other buzzworthy tech terms reflected the social sphere on platforms like Skype and Pinterest, or with a social game (Draw Something).

  1. at&t
  2. iphone
  3. instagram
  4. skype
  5. kindle
  1. ipad
  2. pinterest
  3. draw something
  4. amazon
  5. apple


Whether it’s firsthand photos from Syria, the drama of Italian football, or the latest in Afghanistan, Americans are tweeting about a wide range of global issues.

  1. #syria
  2. china
  3. japan
  4. iran
  5. India
  1. afghanistan
  2. australia
  3. israel
  4. italy
  5. Canada


taken from: 2012.twitter.com

The pulse of the planet signifies the biggest conversations of the year around single events that generate a large number of Tweets and Retweets. Here are the major occurrences in 2012 for which the world came together to witness and discuss.

Summer Olympics

The 16-day Summer Games in London generated 150 million Tweets. The closing ceremonies (specifically, the Spice Girls’ performance) amassed the largest Games-related spike, 116,000+ Tweets per minute. The largest competition-related conversation: when Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (@UsainBolt), most-discussed athlete, won gold in the 200m sprint (80,000 Tweets per minute).
Summer Olympics

Pic: Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, kisses his gold medal after taking to the podium tonight pic.twitter.com/QNHd9WTx

U.S. election

The first of the U.S. presidential debates produced 10 million Tweets; 31 million+ Tweets were sent about the election on Election Day. As news organizations tallied the results that evening, the conversation about the election on Twitter surged, hitting a peak of 327,452 Tweets per minute (TPM).
U.S. election
Credit: By Doug Mills / New York Times

Photo: Plenty of pointing fingers in the second debate between Obama and Romney (by @dougmillsnyt)pic.twitter.com/KgqkgZM2

MTV Video Music Awards

Over 52 million votes were cast via Tweets for the “Most Sharable Video” for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards show. The show itself generated 14.7 million Tweets; the biggest peak of the night went to the moment One Direction won Best Pop Video with 98,307 Tweets per minute. Taylor Swift’s performance was the night’s second biggest moment, generating 86,275 Tweets per minute.
MTV Video Music Awards


 PSY!! Dance for me, immediately.pic.twitter.com/5Pghztcx

Super Bowl

Super Bowl fans had a lot to say about this year’s Giants-Patriots February 5th match. We saw 13.7 million Super Bowl-related Tweets during the game; 1 million of them appeared in the final 5 minutes. Tweets spiked when an incomplete pass by the Patriots sealed the Giants’ victory, at 201,466 Tweets per minute. Madonna’s halftime show saw 108,077 Tweets per minute.
Super Bowl

Here’s what @Giants & @Patriots‘ll be fighting 4 Sunday: Lombardi trophy, on-set 4 Super Bowl LIVE. pic.twitter.com/d5eWgFuu

Euro 2012

Nothing ignites global conversation like a football match. During this final in which Spain beat Italy 4-0, Juan Mata’s goal sparked 267,200 Tweets per minute. Other big Twitter moments: Mario Balotelli’s second goal for Italy against Germany, Cesc Fabregas’ goal for Spain against Italy, and Spain’s defeat of Portugal in the semi-finals.
Euro 2012

Great! This is amazing! This is for everybody, you deserve it!pic.twitter.com/aj3KuPrm

Superstorm Sandy

Between October 27 and November 1, people sent more than 20 million Tweets about Sandy’s impact and aftermath. When the power went out in much of New York City, mobile usage from people there more than doubled from the previous two days. Afterwards, people sought ways to help: Tweets mentioning the word “donate” reached a 180-day peak; the phrase “donate blood” a 365-day peak.
Superstorm Sandy

UEFA Champions League Semi-Final

In April, fans around the world tuned in to watch the Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea. During the game, total global traffic on the platform peaked at 184,535 Tweets per minute following Fernando Torres’ goal to tie the game for Chelsea, making this single game one of the biggest sports-related Twitter moments this year.
UEFA Champions League Semi-Final

Seen it all now…..Torres scores, makes it 2-2 on the night and astonishingly, gloriously Chelsea are in the final of the Champions League

“Summer Wars” obsession

Japanese anime movie “Summer Wars” was broadcast on Nihon TV in July. During the film, the main character hits the enter key and says, “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!” (“Please!”). Thousands of fans of both anime and Twitter created their own “live” event by tweeting that line exactly when the main character says it in the film.
“Summer Wars” obsession
Credit: Summer Wars Film Partners

【サマウォクラスタへ】サマーウォーズが好きすぎて、Twitterの空気感をオズ風に表示するサイト作りました。よろしくお願いしまぁぁあああす! tword.net   pic.twitter.com/84kMQ70l

Whitney Houston

On February 11, news broke that Whitney Houston passed away unexpectedly at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Many of the superstar’s fans saw the news on Twitter, and tweeted to express their grief and share gratitude for her music. The news of her passing generated more than 10 million Tweets (73,662 Tweets per minute). Later, fans and performers saluted her with nearly 2 million Tweets during a live televised funeral and tribute.
Whitney Houston
Credit: Clive Davis, on Twitter

R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Retweet for respect.


Two controversial antipiracy bills under consideration in Congress (SOPA in the House, PIPA in the Senate) were hotly discussed Twitter topics. As debate heated up, “SOPA” on Twitter exploded from 106,000 mentions to 3.5 million 24 hours later. Similarly, in the same day, 86,500 “PIPA” mentions grew to more than 655,500.
Credit: Clay Shirky by alecperkins, on Flickr

Internet 1, Congress 0

taken from 2012.twitter.com
Here are the top two Tweets that generated the most Retweets for the year, plus honorable mentions for a few other Tweets that caught attention around the world.

“Four more years”

6 Nov 12  810,000+ Retweets 300,000+ Favorites

President Obama comments on his reelection
Credit: Michelle Obama, on Twitter

President Obama comments on his reelection

Before he took the stage to affirm his election victory, President Obama marked his win via Twitter. Within hours, this Tweet simultaneously became the most retweeted of 2012 — and the most retweeted ever, sent by people in more than 200 countries around the world.

Justin Bieber ✔@justinbieber

“RIP Avalanna. i love you” 26 Sep 12

220,000+ Retweets 100,000+ Favorites
Justin Bieber says goodbye to a fan
Credit: Avalanna Routh, on Twitter

Justin Bieber says goodbye to a fan

Suffering from a rare form of brain cancer, six-year-old Avalanna Routh was big Justin Bieber fan, and the pop star had grown close to her during her illness. When she passed away in September. Bieber paid tribute to her in a Tweet, and many, many Twitter Beliebers responded.

TJ Lang ✔@TJLang70

“Fuck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.”

24 Sep 12  8,000+ Retweets 28,000+ Favorites

Packer TJ Lang voices his frustration
Credit: Seattle Seahawks, on Twitter

Packer TJ Lang voices his frustration

In September the Seattle Seahawks went head-to-head with the Green Bay Packers. The now-infamous final play was called by a “replacement ref” due to a labor standoff with the referees’ union. That call generated 1+ million Tweets as players and fans flocked to Twitter to grouse about the decision. TJ’s Tweet became the most retweeted of the night — and of the NFL season overall.

Team GB ✔@TeamGB

“29 gold, 17 silver, 19 bronze – We finished 3rd in medal table after most successful Olympics for 104 years#OurGreatestTeam RT your support”

12 Aug 12  67,000+ Retweets 5,000+ Favorites

Team GB congratulates its athletes
Credit: Team GB, on Twitter

Team GB congratulates its athletes

For the first time since 1948, the Summer Olympics returned to London. British athletes performed extremely well, with a “home team” advantage resulting in more medals than expected. Fans followed their every move, joining in at the close of the Games to show their support for #OurGreatestTeam.


“…I would like to announce here: I, Koichi Yamadera, have married Ms. Rie Tanaka … I am really happy to have met such a great partner and have our lives come together. We made up our minds to respect each other, help each other and build a home full of smiles…”


17 Jun 12   68,000 Retweets 6,000 Favorites
Anime fans salute a wedding
Credit: Spring’12 -cherry blossom- by Yoozigen, on Flickr

Anime fans salute a wedding

When actor Kouichi Yamadera announced in a Tweet that he registered for marriage with actress Rie Tanaka, it became the most retweeted message from Japan this year. Why? Both are prominent Japanese voice actors, famous for many of their anime roles.
taken from: 2012.twitter.com
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