“What the hell is wrong with you? We’re a family!”

I hope you watched “Ozymandias” with someone you loved. First of all, because I watched it alone — Mrs. Tuned In is not a Breaking Bad watcher — and holy bejeezus in a fire truck, that was a rough ride to take solo. If the end of last week’s episode was a thousand-bullet fusillade, this one was like feeling every one of those bullets hit. It was relentless, intense, excruciating — and amazing. If each remaining episode intensifies this much more than the last, I am going to burst into flames.

But I also say that because, while Breaking Bad may be about drugs and crime and morality and all that good, tragic-downfall stuff, at heart it’s about family: what you do for them, what they do to you and how you fail them. The beginning of “Ozymandias” (read the…

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