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It sounds like something out of, well, a detective novel: the U.K.’s SundayTimesbroke the news yesterday that Robert Galbraith, the “first time” writer behind the critically acclaimed crime novel The Cuckoo’s Calling, was, in fact, the nom de plume of Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling. Galbraith was described as a former military police investigator with a surprising knack for language — that is, before “he” was unmasked as the megafamous author, who told the Times that writing under a fake name was “liberating.”

As explained by the New York Times, a writer for the British paper received an anonymous tip via Twitter, in which a now deleted user claimed that Rowling was the real author of The Cuckoo’s Calling. (Is it possible that the anonymous user was the book’s publisher? As the New York Times notes, there’s no way to rule it out.) Sunday…

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Today, Machinima released a new trailer for SyFy’s original movie Sharknado, which premieres July 11. And wow. Just…wow.

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This is the actual description of the movie, provided by the network: “Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a…shark! A supersized storm sucks sharks from the ocean and hurls them onto land…” — and if the trailer is any indication, they’ll make good on the premise’s promise. We recommend watching the trailer all the way through first, but for your second go ’round here are the 64 best seconds of the 64-second-long trailer.

#1 and #2: 0:50-0:51. Holy cow. These two seconds defy description.

#3: 0:31. Sharks in the sky.

#4: 0:46. So many sharks!

#5: 0:47. Obligatory Jaws joke.

#6: 0:17. Sharks through the window.

#7: 0:08. The sharks are coming!

#8: 0:05. Excellent explanation of…

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