Metallica Lose Trademark
(Photo : Facebook/Metallica) A small metal shop in British Columbia has won the right to use “Metallica” as its shop name.

Heavy metal band

Metallica have lost defending their trademark “Metallica” to a small metal manufacturing company called Metallica Manufacturing at

Burnaby, British Columbia


Loudwire reports the metal shop won the court ruling after the band challenged them in court trying to defend their trademark. Now the metal shop – Metallica Manufacturing can use the trademark in its day to day business.

“It was a very innocent choosing of such a name from a 12-year-old kid,” said Bill Lawson, Owner, Metallica Manufacturing, BurnabyNow reported.

Though the name for the metal shop was chosen in the late 1990’s and Metallica was founded in 1981, the name Metallica looked right as it matched the trade, said Lawson.

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