The Power of Few is an upcoming feature film directed and written by American filmmaker Leone Marucci.

This interactive film was produced by Marucci through Steelyard Pictures with Q’orianka Kilcher and her company iQ Films. Ensemble cast features Christopher WalkenChristian Slater, Kilcher, Anthony AndersonJesse BradfordMoon BloodgoodNicky Whelan,Devon GearhartJuvenileNavid NegahbanJordan Prentice, and Derek Richardson. Through The Power of Few website, Marucci and Kilcher developed and delivered a ground breaking interactive experience embarked upon in 2006. From online casting to online editing, the global audience was provided original material from the film (and an online editing system) and invited to help create the finished film. The interactive collaboration continued beyond the website as the production ran an extensive community outreach program in the city of New Orleans during filming.



— image from badassdigest.com words from wikipedia