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Konser The Cardigans di Jakarta tanggal 14 adalah satu-satunya konser yang diadakan di Asia Tenggara. Bahkan di Australia pun mereka tidak pentas. Jadi ini adalah kesempatan yang langka. Kecuali kalo kamu punya uang lebih untuk pergi ke Jepang dan nonton mereka manggung bersama band brengsek lainnya.

The Cardigans adalah salah satu band dengan vokalis wanita yang saya rasa cukup bertanggung jawab akan lahirnya band-band bervokalis wanita di Indonesia. Tanpa menafikan nama The Cranberries dan band lainnya.

Rangkaian tur ini mengawali kiprah mereka setelah lama beristirahat, dan Jakarta adalah salah satu kota yang dikunjunginya. Terakhir mereka melakukan tur yaitu tahun 2006 tidak lama setelah mereka mengeluarkan album studio terakhir mereka, Super Extra Gravity.

Namun yang menarik dari tur ini adalah mereka namai Gran Turismo Tour. Kenapa menarik? Album Gran Turismo adalah album yang menurut saya tingkat kesulitannya paling tinggi jika dibawakan secara live. Mungkin menyamai album Kid A dari Radiohead. Walaupun album favorit saya itu Long Gone Before Daylight.

Awal saya agak skeptis, apakah mereka akan membawakan lagu-lagunya dengan sempurna mengingat Tennis Indoor Senayan dari segi akustik itu kurang layak untuk venue konser. Tapi ternyata saya salah. Mereka membawakan semua lagunya baik. Rapih. Hampir tanpa cela. Nyaris sempurna. Saya yakin saya tidak sendiri dalam hal ini. Permainan gitar dari Oscar Humlebo aka Moto Boy juga berhasil menutupi dari absennya Peter Svensson sebagai lead guitarist dari The Cardigans. Sampai artikel ini ditulis saya belum mengetahui alasan tidak hadirnya dia.

Sayapun yakin The Cardigans pun merasa kaget dengan penonton dari Indonesia yang rata-rata hapal dengan lagunya. Walaupun hanya bagian reff-nya saja. Rasa rindu mereka terhadap Nina Persson dkk seakan terbayar pada malam itu. Tanggal 14 Agustus 2012.

Dari segi tata suara maupun tata cahaya. The Cardigans sangat mempersiapkan dengan baik penampilannya. Namun puncak dari konser pada malam itu adalah ketika lagu Rise and Shine dibawakan. Semua penonton bernyanyi bersama. Lagu yang khusus dibawakan untuk penonton Indonesia saja. Mereka belum pernah membawakan lagu itu sejak tahun 2006. Indonesia adalah tempat yang spesial bagi The Cardigans.

Berikut adalah lagu-lagu yang dibawakan The Cardigans di Tennis Indoor Senayan Jakarta, 14 Agustus 2012.

  1. Nil Best Of
  2. Encore:
  3. (Premiere: First time since 2006)


moz ilham

Morrissey has blamed the royal family for the suspected suicide of Jacintha Saldanha. The singer accused the royals of “staggering arrogance” following the death of Saldanha, a nurse who was tricked by two Australian DJs into revealing details of the Duchess of Cambridge‘s pregnancy.

“It wasn’t because of two DJs in Australia that this woman took her own life, it was the pressure around her,” Morrissey told New Zealand’s 3News. While much of this stress can be blamed on the press, he said, or the “maximum pressure [of] … the Palace and Clarence House,” he called on the duchess to take direct responsibility.

“[She] was in the hospital, as far as I could see, for absolutely no reason,” the singer said. “She feels no shame about the death of this woman, she’s saying nothing about the death of this poor woman. The arrogance of the British royals is absolutely staggering.”

Morrissey has even accused Kate Middleton of being in hospital for spurious reasons, despite doctors diagnosing her with the serious complaint known as hyperemesis gravidarum. “Does she have a health condition?” the singer asked. “Is it anorexia or is it pregnancy? … I mean morning sickness already? So much hoo haw and then suddenly as bright as a button as soon as this poor woman dies she’s out of hospital? It doesn’t ring true.”

This is in stark contrast to the medical evidence, which views hyperemesis gravidarum as a serious medical condition with symptoms that include 24-hour periods of vomiting and dehydration. Hospitalisation is a common consequence for those who suffer from it.

Buckingham Palace must receive “thousands” of prank calls every day, the 53-year-old said. Blaming the incident on the DJs, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, “is just a way of distracting people”. “The fact they got so far probably astonished them beyond belief. But the pressure put on the woman who connected the callers was probably so enormous that she took her own life … And we forget about that and of course the royals are exonerated as always.”

Morrissey is a long-time critic of the monarchy. “They’re absolutely horrible people,” he said last year, on American TV. “I think they’re arrogant, horrible dictators.”

Greig and Christian have both apologised for their prank call, as has their employer, 2DayFM. According to the Associated Press, executives at the radio station could face criminal charges for airing the conversation without its participants’ consent.

• This article was amended on 12 December 2012 to add a paragraph clarifying that the Duchess of Cambridge’s condition is not simply “morning sickness” as its was described by Morrissey

~ This article is taken from

There are so many good albums terribly released in year 2012. Rubbish albums also fortunately unleashed this year. So here i am, as an amateur music lover, try to sort them out to just 13 albums. Why 13? Because 10 is not enough and 20 is too many and i’m too lazy to review them. It is so hard for me to sort them out to only 13.  So many newcomers. So many rubbishes. So many reunited bands. So many legends came up with their new awesome album. So what did i do? I just closed my eyes and followed my heart and eventually i got it right. Yeah i quoted that from Kris Roe. Not from so-called-punk–rocker named Billy Joe Armsweak. How is it doin’ with your rehab dude? Bieber says hi.

13. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

At a time where post-rock is more a joke than a reputable genre, Godspeed You! Black Emperor return from Valhalla to show the world how it’s done. Allen from Sputnik said that. This album only consists four songs.  Two songs lasts 20 minutes, each. It feels like Ratko Mladic and his army drift you like worried fire with their helicopter sings and strungs like a light at thee printemps erable. Godspeed!billy-talent-dead-silence12. Billy Talent – Dead Silence

Hello hipsters! We’re Billy Talent. We have an anthem song for you (or us?). Some of the lyrics: “You got the look, but not the credit.  Just find a style, so you can mimic. The tortured artist, the jaded cynic. The latest gadget, is just a gimmick. Another sucker, born every minute. We’re the target market of a corporate hoax. Our generation is a fucking joke! A lost generation trying to act profound.” 

elp_cfc_2000G0339COVERFINAL_RGBFULLJPEGFINAL-557x50011. El-P – Cancer for Cure

The album giving it a score of 4 out of 5, stating “Cancer4Cure is about hip-hop like Glengarry Glen Ross was about sales, but these great works transcend their industries, offering solace and inspiration to anyone who would prefer a satisfied mind over a Cadillac Eldorado, or in current terms, an Escalade. (Allmusic) What impressed me about him is.. he’s white! He’s not into Eminem but more into Beastie Boys in “Ill Communication” era. MCA is smiling in heaven listening to El-P.

Print10. Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls

American blues-rock band. This is their debut album. Name taken from their hometown. But who would have thought that the vocalist is actually a girl named Brittany. She sounds like a broken hearted guy who drink too much whiskey when she sings.

good-kid-mAAd-city9. Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city

“It’s really just a self-portrait. I feel I need to make this this album in order to move on with my life, and I had negative vibes and demons haunting me. It’s that real. I had to come from somewhere, I had to come from a place. It could have been negative, it could have been positive but for the majority of it, it was negative place. I needed to vent and put this message out in order for me to grow as a person. I’m glad I did, because it was a venting process, you know, to tell these stories I never told.” – Kendrick Lamar when interviewed about the concept of good kid, m.A.A.d city.

Alt-J ieu8.  Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

Mercury Prize Winner this year. Debut album. They’re something i tell you. If you’re into Luc Bessons’ Leon The Proffesional you’ll love ‘em. Do you notice that they’re always serious when they make music video. That’s kinda rare these days. Check one here.

The-Sword_Apocryphon7. The Sword – Apocryphon I am wondering have Ozzy and Tony Iommi been listening to The Sword lately? I’m sure Ozzy smiles and tells Iommi: ” This band sounds like our band don’t they, Tony?”. The Sword’s formula is simple: rip it off from Black Sabbath (chug-chug-chug), flourish with fantasy themed lyrics and sci-fi journey and there you go, Doom Metal at its best. If you believe in Mayans Apocalypse, well you got yourself an anthem for doomsday. They’re not telling you to stay in the bunker. They’re summoning you to bang your head and celebrate the apocalypse.

Metric-Synthetica-800px6.  Metric – Synthetica Do you like Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs? Paramore? Best Coast? Beach House? Dum Dum Girls? Yuck!? You’ll find all of them in just one album. Their fifth album. SYNTHETICA.


fiona apple5.  Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel

The album called “The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do”, but frequently abridged as The Idler Wheel… The fourth studio album from Fiona Apple. At the age of 34, Apple is starting to let go of the reigns and take stock of all of the things that are controlling her. Ugly little moments of jealousy, self-loathing, heartache, vengeance, and remorse all shine through on these songs. (quoted from: COS)

Jack-White-Blunderbuss-608x6084.  Jack White – Blunderbuss

read here:

bruce3.  Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

The Boss is the nickname. Full name: Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen. This is his 17th major studio album. Twenty Grammys, Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, and Oscars during his musical career and still counting.  This album indirectly helped Barack Obama to have his presidential running for the second time. Obama should thank The Boss. Were you aware that The Democrat Party used one of his song as their theme song? Along with Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”. “Wrecking Ball” soon to be a classic album following his previous “Born in The USA” and “Born To Run”. You don’t argue with me on this one. He’s The Boss.

channel orange2.  Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

I’ve never heard RnB/Soul song that lasts almost 10 minutes long (Pyramids 09:54). I’ve never heard words like “Allahu Akbar” sang by an RnB  singer. The song is called Bad Religion. It’s not about religion at all. It’s unrequited love song. Gay love song. Forbidden one. This song also has multi-interpreted lyrics. It can be provocative, lost, fucked up yet dreary at the same time. This dude is a genius in combining words into lyrics in one song: “taxi driver”, “allahu akbar”, “shrink”, “bad religion”, “cyanide”, “shrink”, “demons”.  Give some space for your Grammy award in your cupboard.

byrne-st-vincent-pochette-13468720101.  David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant

David Byrne is the ex front man and songwriter for American new wave band, The Talking Heads (1975-1991). He has received Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscar awards and also had been inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In two simple words: Living Legend.
St. Vincent is her stage name. She is Annie Erin Clark, an american singer-song writer and multi-instrumentalist. Clark has opened show for acts such as Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Television and many more. She has also collaborated with Bon Iver on the song called “Roslyn” which appeared in the soundtrack of The Twilight Saga : New Moon.
Reviewing the album,  Jude Clarke calls it “a perfect cerebral pop pairing” that “improves and deepens on each listen” due to the songwriting and the singers’ voices. Andy Gill consider the brass instrumentation the greatest strength of the album with the latter declaring the work “a skewed and funky instant classic.” Robert Leedham praised the “jaunty trombones” and “jubilant trumpet-lead fanfare” as well. The best collaboration album I’ve ever experienced. So let’s forget “Lulu” from Lou Reed & Metallica, shall we?

Honorable mention:

Deftones – Koi No Yokan, Japandroids – Celebration Rock, Alicia Keys – Queen of Fire, Bob Dylan – Tempest, Beach House – In Bloom, Milo Greene – Milo Greene, Mumford & Sons – Babel, The Shins – Port of Morrow, Paul McCartney – Love Blossom, Soundgarden – Animal King. 

Ensembled by: @agunsux 


How many bands that have countless live albums? Extensive tour. I mean every single damn year. Except 2011 to comemmorate their 20 years in music? There’s only one band. Dave Matthews Band.

On February 7, 2012, Dave Matthews Band was announced as a headliner for the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This is the first officially announced tour date for the band in 2012. Other headliners at this event will be Jack White and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Away From The World is their seventh studio album. Their second album without LeRoi Moore. Moore died suddenly in August 2008 due to complications from an ATV accident. He was saxophonist and also founder of the the band along with David John Matthews as singer-songwriter and guitarist, bassist Stefan Lessard, drummer/backing vocalist Carter Beauford.

Dave Matthews reunites with Steve Lilywhite. Producer of their first three albums. Under The Table And Dreaming (1994), Crash (1996), Before These Crowded Street (1998). Their most recognizable albums. Classic ones.

Lilywhite takes DMB to where they belongs. Brassy, funky and music like they used to be.

1. Broken Things

Dont you love the falsetto sound of Dave Matthews when he croons “Oh my love my heart is set on you, set on you” and trailing off into violin solo from Boyd. Beauty.

2. Belly Belly

Open by brassy sound and boom suddenly it’s 90’s again. The song evokes me to Ants Marching era. You can’t get too much love. Don’t you feel it in your belly go get you some!

3. Mercy

Their first single from this album. A lil bit political and deep lyrics. But the music sound simple and catchy. Simple is good when it comes to this band.

4. Gaucho

The guitar work reminiscent me to their first album. A kids choir is also singing the chorus line with Dave “We gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things”  in the end finish by nice saxophone solo.

5.  Sweet

A simple and short song. Dave only sing with his ukulele before the group comes in with solid touches at the end.

6. The Riff

My favorite song in this album. Love the lyrics. “If you stay with me that don’t mean we gotta stay the same.. If you stay with me baby you and me will change the game… You stay with me I’ll follow you and we can start again.”

7. Belly Full

I don’t know why but this song reminds me to Eddie Vedder with his solo album. If the songs last a little bit longer this song can be memorable one.

8. If Only

Simple lost love song. A boy who wants his girl back. He just can’t forget her. He loves her so much. What more can you ask?

9. Rooftop

 Another lost love song. Now he tries harder. Standing on the rooftop and screams “I want you to tell me that you want me too”. It’s ok to be honest with yourself. Just scream your heart out.

10. Snow Outside

The vocal melody is one of the key in this song. It’s a jamming song. Spontaneous. But still Carter Beauford, the drummer, has always been the metronomic glue for the band. Well it’s not a surprise DMB is a live band.

11. Drunken Soldier

Duration 09:45. Magnum Opus from this album. Probably song of the year 2012. I don’t know how to label this song. It’s folk. It’s a rock. It’s a progressive. Many twist. Lyrically strong. Dave sings his heart out. It’s Dave Matthews Band at its best.  Give yourself a few spin you won’t regret it. It’s a promise.


BAB 1: Perkenalan

Suatu pagi di sebuah kantin sekolah pada awal tahun 90an, saya memutuskan untuk tidak masuk kelas. Karena saya benci pelajaran Matematika. Ternyata saya tidak sendiri ada banyak kakak kelas yang tengah merokok dan menyeruput kopi sementara yang lain ada yang bermain gitar (saya sangat merindukan momen ini). Tak sengaja terdengar percakapan diantara mereka ”Eh, tau gak ternyata Morrissey itu dulunya punya grup lho namanya The Smiths!”. (sudah saya terjemahkan, aslinya bahasa Swahili) Saya cuma bisa menoleh. Oh. Ok. Maaf telinga saya pada saat itu sedang dijejali Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, U2 dan band  sejenisnya. Itu adalah kali pertama saya mendengarkan kata Morrissey. Maafkan saya Moz sudah mengabaikanmu.

Agak susah buat saya pada saat itu untuk mencari kaset atau CD Morrissey. Informasi itu datang dari mulut ke mulut. Internet pun belum ada (?) Begitu berharganya tape double deck pada saat itu karena saya hanya bisa merekam ulang dari mereka yang mempunyai kaset atau CD-nya.

BAB 2: Pendekatan

Album pertama yang saya dengar waktu itu adalah Viva Hate. Bajakan dari bajakan. Suaranya mendem. Padahal sudah saya simpen di kulkas seharian lho. Lagu yang nempel di telinga saya itu cuma Suedehead dan Everyday Is Like Sunday. Itu pun tidak terlalu membekas. Karena TOEFL saya belum mencapai 750. Sekarang sih udah 250.

Seiring waktu berlalu. Era internetpun dimulai. Maladjusted pun rilis. Radiopun mulai memutar lagu Alma Matters walau tidak sering. TV pun kalo tidak salah sempat menayangkan videoklipnya. Sayapun mulai intens mendengarkan lagunya. Wide To Receive, Trouble Loves Me jadi lagu favorit saya. Tapi tetep belum terlalu mengena. Sekedar suka.

BAB 3: Jatuh Cinta

Pada tahun 2004, setelah Maladjusted (1997), Moz mengeluarkan You Are The Quarry, album terbaik dan sebuah titik balik. Membuatnya jadi lebih besar dari sebelumnya. Masih ingat U2 dengan All The Things That You Cant Leave Behind-nya? Dari sini saya mulai mendalami lirik lagu Morrissey. Mulai membaca referensi mengenai dirinya melalui internet tentunya karena murah meriah. Kan saya mah Murtad Morrissey. 🙂

Semakin saya mendalami musik dan tentunya lirik Morrissey saya tambah suka dan mencintainya. Karena mendengarkan Morrissey tanpa mendalami liriknya maka musiknya hanyalah sebuah lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh penyanyi dari Inggris yang bersuara merdu. Tidak lebih dari itu. Bayangkan saja jika anda mendengarkan Bob Dylan tanpa mendalami liriknya. Ya seperti itu. Feelnya gak dapet cenah.

Jeniusnya Moz itu adalah dia bisa menyisipkan kritik sosial di dalam lagunya yang sendu, gelap, termarjinalkan (naon ieu teh?). Dia sudah melakukannya dari jaman The Smiths. Coba dengarkan Panic, Big Mouth Strikes Again atau Queen is Dead.

Selain itu yang membuat saya jatuh cinta dengan Moz adalah sikapnya yang anti dengan Monarki dan pemerintahan Inggris. Juga sebagai aktivis penyayang binatang dan pernyataan-pernyataan kontroversinya khas rockstar Inggris.  Sebut saja perseteruannya dengan Robert Smith, Elton John, Madonna, George Michael dan banyak lagi. Moz menyukai kontroversi, sedikit drama, tapi itu yang membuatnya jadi lebih besar. Dia selalu memilih ‘lawan’ yang tepat.

Oh satu lagi, Moz menyatakan dirinya selibat (entah mulainya dari kapan, tidak pernah ada pernyataan resmi). Moz juga menyatakan dirinya sebagai gender yang keempat yang artinya asexual (juga tidak pernah ada pernyataan resmi)

BAB 4: Ijab Kabul

10 May 2012. Hari yang ditunggu. Tidak perlu penjelasan lebih lanjut.

BAB 5: Bulan Madu

Sesuatu hal yang bagus dari seorang Morrissey (atau The Smiths) adalah semakin anda mendengarkannya anda tidak akan pernah bosan mendengarkannya. Anda akan selalu mempunyai lagu favorit baru. Itu yang saya alami.  Entah kenapa. Itu tidak terjadi dengan musisi lain yang saya dengarkan. Namun sampai sekarang saya tidak mempunyai kaset, cd, vinyl, kaos, buku, atau tato mengenai Morrissey/The Smiths di tubuh saya. Aneh? Mungkin. Ya itulah saya, seorang Murtad Morrissey 🙂 Terima kasih sudah membaca essay ini.

Oya! Selamat ulang tahun yang ke 53 Steven Patrick Morrissey! I know that life is full of chrashing bores, so sing your life, your love life, but you once said that one day goodbye will be farewell so whatever happens i love you cause that’s how people grow up. But that’s ok, cause you’re the last of the famous international playboy. See you! 🙂


foto yang ditampilkan punya @popalogic, @ivanhadi, @gigiiii_, @mawarnawarni. kata murtad morrissey saya kutip dari brocuk @rudolfdethu, pembenci tahu gejrot dan kafir morrissey kondang 🙂


Do you know the album that kicked Adele’s “21” out of  Top Chart in UK and US? Yes, you’re right! It’s Jack White‘s “Blunderbuss”!  This is one of my most anticipated album in this early year. Along with John Mayer’s “Born And Raised”. But I think John Mayer had reached his peak at “Continuum”. I might be wrong though.

I’ve been listening to “Blunderbuss” for about umm.. maybe 69 times. Haha. I don’t know. Too often maybe. And I don’t get tired of his music, he’s a genius. He’s the saviour of the blues rock. Exaggerated? Maybe. Who cares anyway.

In case maybe some of you didn’t know him, Jack White is a multi-instrumentalist and frontman of The White Stripes, The Raconteur, and The Dead Weather. He collaborated with renowned musicians such as Beck, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck,  Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan, Electric Six, Insane Clown Posse, and Loretta Lynn. Probably one of the busiest musicians today, not to mention Dave Grohl and Mike Patton of course.

Compared to his project with The White Stripes, The Raconteur, Or The Dead Weather, inarguably “Blunderbuss” (which, for the curious, is a muzzle-loading firearm, with Dutch origins that roughly translates to thunder pipe) is his masterpiece so far. This will be a classic album in the near future. Wanna bet? It is an album with a fine concept, but he made it effortlessly. Bluesy lyrics, passionately creating and performing, copious amounts of tunes covering a wide spectrum of styles in music and sound, a vintage one.

To promote “Blunderbuss” in Saturday Night Live on March 3rd, 2012 episode, he performed with two different backing bands, one all-female and the other all-male. But I love the latter, with Carla Azra on drumset. Oh.. absolute beauty. They’ve got the chemistry. Let’s forget about Meg White, shall we?


When it comes to guitar playing, White is best known for the heavy, raucous anthemic riffs like “Seven Nation Army” or “Icky Thump” that he banged out early in his career. In this album, you can listen to “Sixteen Saltines”.  

“Freedom at 21” is particularly catchy, a lone rattling drumkit and a stark snaking guitar line witnessing how poor boy White had the soles of his feet cut off. The solo in this one echoes the Stripes’ “Blue Orchid”, by mixing dry and octave guitar tracks played on a Bigsby-equipped Tele. To differentiate from the later, “Freedom” adds a smidge of delay that offers a trippy stereo effect from right to left with headphones on.

White spends the first half of the album dwelling on womankind’s perfidy, casting himself as the suffering plaything of a series of vicious femmes fatales. Love has often been a pugilistic game in White’s mind but this time, on track one, he’s actually losing limbs. The partial lyrics of  “I Guess I Should Go To Sleep”:

.. I guess i should go to sleep, too hard standin’ on my own two feet. Been walkin on too long on a dead-end street. I guess i should go to sleep..

.. I guess i’ll take off my shoes, head upstair and watch the news. That’s another way to lose this walkin’ blues. I guess i’ll take off my shoes..

Grammy’s is on its way and more awards to come. Album of the year for me.  This is what blues is all about, Robert Johnson must be proud of you Jack! Well done.


My Top 10 Album of 2011

Ready or not it is time for us to say goodbye to 2011. There’s always good music have been created every year. Always. Thank God it’s not early 90’s. It would be hard for me to choose Top 10 Albums on those early years.

So here’s my Top 10 Album in 2011. No complaining please, i made it in a blink of an eye 🙂

10. Fucked Up – David Comes To Life

Canadian hard core punk. Reminds me to Rancid. Lighter version. No bass slapping though. Just listen to “The Other Shoe”. You’ll find out why.

9. Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Instrumental post rock. No vocal involved. That’s why i love this album.

If you do joga or meditation and looking for ambient music. This one is for you.

8. Mastodon – The Hunter

It took me months to comprehend this album. It’s not easy listening band. It’s Mastodon. It took me weeks to comprehend how good is Crack The Skye.

But don’t you love their artworks?

7 – Batman: Arkham City – The Album

Never play the game. But this soundtrack represents 2011. One of the best this year. Keytrack: Blaqk Audio – Afterdark, Crosses – The Years

6. Megadeth – 13

Do you know that David Ellefson is just like Cliff Burton to Metallica? Wanna prove? Listen to this album. Megadeth never made good album until Dave Ellefson reunites with this band.


Just maybe around two weeks ago I watched The Fighter. The film I most want to watch at the beginning of this year. Why? Because Christian Bale get his first Golden Globe in the film. I wonder what he’s that good? He was very skinny in the movie. Maybe he lost 20kg of weight initially? I do not know how much weight initially. He was skinny as well as in the movie The Machinist (2004). The film that I am not sure whether aired on Indonesian cinema or not. His acting talent is already visible. At least he had intention to lose weight drastically.

But more people know him as Bruce Wayne! Like any other superhero story you do not need to have a talent that is too great. But in The Fighter her acting is so dominant. Astonishing.

Bale is Dicky Eklund, Irish descent, drug users, ex-boxer. so coach Mickey Ward sister (played by Mark Wahlberg) living in a small town in New England. True story. His acting is so loose, I laughed happily to see his acting. He was talkative, unreliable as well as fun.

Heath Ledger plays the Joker perfectly in Dark Knight. Remember Sean Penn in Milk film or I am Sam? Christian Bale is already in that category. Class A. Together with De Niro, Al Pacino, and other great actors. I do not wonder if Bale on the night of Oscar later bestowal will get his first trophy.

Christian Bale is The Fighter!

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